CDN Companies

What are the Most Important CDN Companies in the World?  

Akamai Akamai is one of the largest and most recognized CDN companies in the world. The company's global network is supported by more than one hundred servers and offers include Cloud-based GD streaming for static and dynamic content as well as CDN. Web:  

Amazon CloudFront CloudFront is the CDN network of Amazon Web Services, working with Amazon Cloud Storage (S3) and Amazon Elastic Cloud (EC2) services to provide an easy way for developers and businesses to store and distribute content. Web:

  BitGravity In 2006, BitGravity was founded and the company tried to offer the world's first optimized CDN solution that was developed and optimized to better stream HD video content and offer it on demand. This company was acquired by Tata Communications in January 2011. Web:

  Broadpeak Based in Rennes, France, Broadpeak is one of the industry leaders in designing and producing various components that enable online videos to be delivered faster and better. Solutions can not only be done with simple installations, but can also be scaled to large distribution systems that serve millions of streams at the same time. Broadpeak's components and solutions are used by various content providers and network service providers to distribute various IPTV, Cable and OTT distribution services. Web:

  cachefly Founded in 2005, CacheFly is the world's first TCP Anycast-based Content Delivery Network service provider and 100% Service Level Agreement distinguished by real-time traffic reporting and 30-day free trial. Web:

  CDN77 CDN77 is a London-based CDN service provider, supported by 28 data centers in 23 countries. The company is set up to offer its customers a transparent, fair and flexible CDN solution in 2012. Web:

  cdnetworks With over 140 Point of Presence, CDNetworks is among the largest providers of cloud-based acceleration and supports both static and dynamic web acceleration. However, the key differentiator is the single multinational CDN, which has both infrastructure and local expertise in China, Russia and other emerging markets. Web:

  cdnify CDNify offers a simplified CDN solution that can be easily integrated with multiple web platforms and CMS. Apart from that, CDNify provides free Private SSL integration and support to its customers. Web:

  CDN.NET Having more than 130 points (PoPs) worldwide, removes the limits of alternative solutions entirely by providing you with access to a variety of global resources where you can take full advantage of your own benefits. Web:

  ChinaCache As its name implies, ChinaCache is a leading China-based CDN service provider, supported by more than 12,000 servers and covering more than 120 cities in China. The company is approximately 15 times larger than all other CDNs brought together in China and supports content distribution, faster downloads, secure transactions and media separation from the platform. Web:

  ChinaNetCenter is ChinaNetCenter began as a China-based CDN provider and in 2012 the US opened a subsidiary in the US to provide faster and better content delivery. Now we have CDN nodes all over the world, including North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Australia, and the company has a very strong position in the Asia-Pacific region. Web:

  CloudFlare Founded in 2009, CloudFlare is among the world's leading providers of web acceleration and security solutions. Both CloudFlare offers both Free and Premium services to its customers to optimize their websites using the CDN and to secure their own websites using CloudFlare Security Suite. Web:

    edgecast EdgeCast Networks has announced itself as the world's fastest and most reliable CDN network with 30+ Points-of-Presence in five key strategic locations. The company also provided various web-security services and accelerated DNS solutions and was purchased by Verizon in December 2013. Web:

  Fastly In 2011, it was built by the fast open source Varnish and became a very popular CDN network. The global network is supported by 10Gb Ethernet, Solid-State-Drive (SSD) storage and multi-core CPUs and the company has an instantaneous cleaning feature (approximately 150 milliseconds) with almost zero delay for dynamic data. website

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